Spotify’s ambitions go well beyond the 15 million paid subscribers milestone announced today.

Taylor Swift

After a week of spin from both Spotify, Taylor Swift and a host of voices across the internet, we take a look at what are the facts and fictions in the digital music face off.

Polarizing coverage of streaming music doesn’t do anyone good: supports, detractors or the public.

Congratulations subscription music! You are finally a billion-dollar industry. The IFPI, the trade organization for the worldwide recorded music industry, last week reported that subscription streaming music revenues finally broke the billion dollar mark in 2013. Let’s mark this moment. It’s a huge number for the industry and at long last a confirmation of what […]

Whoa! Did you hear that? If you’re in the digital music business, that ear piercing sound you just heard is the cracking of the industry’s landscape. Maybe not right away, and maybe it won’t cripple many companies, but the fact that Spotify purchased The Echo Nest today puts a spotlight on the challenges all the […]

This was originally included in Billboard’s print edition dated March 4, 2014. The entire article is not available online without a subscription, but I’m reposting it to my network. And no, I didn’t write the headline or the deck. Opinion Column: Screwed By YouTube? 40 percent of its plays are music – even as its […]

De La Soul faced a problem. None of the band’s revolutionary records were available in digital form. Sure you could still buy the CDs, if you cared to, but you couldn’t buy them on iTunes store or stream them anywhere. In this day and age if you’re not on Spotify or Beats, you might as […]