Record industy execs like Lyor Cohen are joining Digital Music heavyweights to help with their perception of fairness. Is this a good thing?

News this week, for once, was positive for the music business. The RIAA released its report for the first half of this year and there was an eight percent growth in revenues over the same time 2015, thanks to subscription streaming. At long last, after years and years of losses, we’re finally on the other side […]

Oh Rhapsody! Or should I say, oh Napster! The pioneering Seattle-based streaming music company yesterday finally announced a long-planned rebranding of its service to Napster. While it certainly got some attention, it wasn’t exactly the kind of attention one craves. [Disclosure: I argued about which brand to support while serving as VP of Product for […]

Spotify’s funnel needs some paring back. Perhaps the company is thinking about free music the wrong way.

Rhapsody’s integration with Twitter offers sharing of music on its own terms, but embracing free music is against what the company has been recently vilifying.

Apple’s new streaming music service is the music industry’s best chance to build massive growth. But the labels are resisting making fundamental changes.

Rhapsody’s most recently financials highlight the problems all streaming companies face while trying to grow.