Record industy execs like Lyor Cohen are joining Digital Music heavyweights to help with their perception of fairness. Is this a good thing?

The Wall Street Journal recently published some pretty terrible numbers on the train wreck that is called TIDAL. Naturally, the entire industry started piling on Jay-Z’s music startup, determined to show what a cluster the company finds itself in. But to us music vets, it’s pretty much the same old, same old. Losing lots of money […]

Why The New Royalty Rate Matters Little For The Digital Radio Giant Yesterday, the Copyright Royalty Board–the three-judge panel that sets the rates that non-interactive radio services pay –set the new rate for the coming year 21 percent higher than the previous year. Services like Pandora were seeking a lower rate. SoundExchange, which represents rights holders, […]

Bundling digital music is good for everyone in the value chain, right? But is it pushing the subscription music forward?

Digital music losses mount as both Spotify and Rhapsody revealed big losses in 2014.

Team Tidal had an impressive level of star power on display during its press conference. But more details would help bring clarity to what the artist-run music service is planning.

Numbers went up and down for subscription music. But the true number is trending in the right direction.