Taylor Swift

After a week of spin from both Spotify, Taylor Swift and a host of voices across the internet, we take a look at what are the facts and fictions in the digital music face off.

Don't expect Taylor to do any duets with Spotify anytime soon. Unlike her buddy Ed Sheeran.

Taylor Swift’s speedy exit from Spotify nicely encapsulates artists’ dilemma with streaming services.

In almost all the press Spotify takes the arrows for killing the music business. But the facts tell a different story.

Apple and U2 shared more than a stage during the big Apple Watch event. Both are trying to start new winning streaks.


Apple’s iWatch will try to succeed where Nike’s FuelBand failed. But making the wearable the Next Big Thing is not guaranteed.

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In the digital music battle for hearts and minds, most news coverage is inaccurate or worse.


Polarizing coverage of streaming music doesn’t do anyone good: supports, detractors or the public.