Of course we all should listen to Blond on Blond. But streaming services don't work this way.

It appears that Apple is looking to tastemakers to curate its new streaming service. But is that the right approach?

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Mark Mulligan recently commented on an announcement from Rhapsody that trumpeted the Seattle-based granddaddy of streaming music’s impressive growth over the past couple years. His analysis: Enter investment firm Columbus Nova who acquired an undisclosed stake in Rhapsody in September 2013. A reorg and a repositioning process followed paving the way for strong subscriber growth. […]


I take time out of my usual mutterings about digital media to write my annual sports post about the Super Bowl. This time, it’s about Beast Mode!

I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse

YouTube’s latest contract seems like an offer most creators can’t refuse. But it also can mean a huge change is nearing in the digital content space.


Premium on-demand subscription music has traditionally been $10. Expect 2015 to be the year that drops.

Spotify wants to be a worldwide platform of music listening.

Spotify’s ambitions go well beyond the 15 million paid subscribers milestone announced today.

Daniel Ek will surely be in the thick of things in 2015.

As important as 2014 was for digital music, expect even more fireworks in 2015 with Apple, YouTube .