I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse

YouTube’s latest contract seems like an offer most creators can’t refuse. But it also can mean a huge change is nearing in the digital content space.


Premium on-demand subscription music has traditionally been $10. Expect 2015 to be the year that drops.

Spotify wants to be a worldwide platform of music listening.

Spotify’s ambitions go well beyond the 15 million paid subscribers milestone announced today.

Daniel Ek will surely be in the thick of things in 2015.

As important as 2014 was for digital music, expect even more fireworks in 2015 with Apple, YouTube .

Jon Tiger

After leaving a long-term job, learning what I want and how I want to work was my real accomplishment in 2014.

Taylor Swift

After a week of spin from both Spotify, Taylor Swift and a host of voices across the internet, we take a look at what are the facts and fictions in the digital music face off.

Don't expect Taylor to do any duets with Spotify anytime soon. Unlike her buddy Ed Sheeran.

Taylor Swift’s speedy exit from Spotify nicely encapsulates artists’ dilemma with streaming services.